Terms of Service

Terms of Service

PLEASE READ all terms contained herein BEFORE placing a commission with me. All commissions are regulated under these terms. I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

What I WILL draw:

  • Furries (Incl. Pokéfurs, Western Dragons, etc.)
  • Fatfurs! (Anything from slightly chubby to morbidly obese)
  • Taurs! (Foxtaurs, centaurs, Chakats, etc.)
  • Macro (Generally up to 20 stories tall)
  • Muscle (Realistic only)
  • Pregnancy
  • Soft Vore (Post-vore bellies only)
  • Diapers (Clean only)
  • Humans

What I WILL NOT draw:

  • Scat / dirty diapers / bodily fluids
  • Rape / Gore / Violence
  • Mature art (no genitalia or privates of any sort!)
  • Hyper themes / Extreme body parts or proportions

Commission Process:

  1. Fill out a Commission Request Form
  2. Receive my reply, in which I may ask for more information
  3. Recieve my invoice, which you must pay up-front before work begins
  4. Sketch is drawn, to be approved by you
  5. Each subsequent stage of the drawing, depending on the level of completion, may be sent for approval. However, I may decide to skip an approval stage and continue work (such as the inking stage of a full-colored picture when the sketch has been approved) unless explicitly requested by you.


I only send Paypal invoices for my commissions. Please do not pay until you receive an invoice, and then please pay on the actual invoice itself. I will only accept payments via Paypal.


If a commission is to be cancelled, a refund will be made LESS THE COST of the current level of completion. For example, if you order a shaded, 1-character commission ($25), and I have already sketched it, I will deduct the sketch ($10) from the cost of the picture, and thus your refund will be the remaining $15.

Full refunds are ONLY offered if I have NOT already begun work on your commission!


I do occasionally take a bit of time to do my art, but generally you should expect to see your commission within a couple weeks to a month. If you have a specific deadline in mind, and it’s not unreasonable, please ask me!


You are free to post your commissions in your own galleries, provided credit is given and a link is posted to my website, my FA gallery, and/or my Twitter page. You MAY NOT claim the work as your own! I still retain ownership rights to all images I have created.

If you wish to modify your commission (such as cropping), please make sure the signature is still visible. The only modifications I allow are cropping and resizing to fit a specific application (such as use for an avatar). If you wish to have any other modifications done, such as adding text or cropping/resizing in such a way that the signature is lost or cannot be distinguished, please consult me first. I am willing to work with many situations free of extra charge, such as providing a copy of a commission with no background, adding text, or moving the signature so it is retained in a cropped version.

If you have any questions, please email me! Thank you for your interest! =3
~Kat the Foxtaur